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Alex Tominey - an early picture

photo of Alex Tominey


David Tominey - an early picture

photo of David Tominey


Ian Sweeney May 2003

photo of Ian Sweeney, May 2003


Ian Sweeney 23rd June 2003

photo of Ian Sweeney, 23rd June 2003


Ian Sweeney August 2003

photo of Ian Sweeney, August 2003


Linda Loughnane Abu Dhabi 1999

photo of Linda Loughnane in  Abu Dhabi 1999


Scott Sweeney

photo of Scott Sweeney

Scott, me, Granda, and Stuart - Christmas 1992

Mum & Nicole (December 1998)

Gran and my niece Nicole - December 1998

Jane, Kevin, Jacki, Linda, Polly, Me, Scott, and Karen in the Oxo Tower Restaurant, September 1996


Neil Hutchison, who also went to Lendrick.

Kim Amtoft, lodger May 2000

Ian, June 1999

Ian, May 1999

Ian, February 1999

Me, in 1990. Taken in Australia


Peter Tominey, died at the end of World War II


Davie Tominey & James Stewart. James died in a Japanese war camp.

Peter Tominey

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The Sweeney Family Crest Ian Sweeney, just back from Thailand, 1990